Back in December last year, we published an infographic and a blog post to showcase the results of our excellent refurbishment process and the extremely high reliability rates we experienced for the refurbished hardware we shipped in the 2012 financial year.

As we are so proud of our refurbishment process, and due to all of the the positive feedback generated from that infographic we thought it might be worth repeating. From now on, we will be publishing our reliability rates on an annual basis – so, here goes with our results for 2014!

As you can see, in 2012 our refurbished IT shipments achieved a near unbeatable 99.3% reliability score (we shipped 11,600 refurbished items and had only 82 returned as faulty). We were pretty impressed with that, but knew we could do better. Now, in the 2014 financial year we shipped a total of 16,578 refurbished IT products out the door and had only 78 items returned as faulty. That equates to a massive 99.54% reliability rate, beating our 2012 figure hands down!

We think you’ll agree that our super low pricing, our über low return rates along with our 12 months warranty on all refurbished IT hardware makes purchasing your hardware from ICC an extremely attractive option. We have also recently been added to HP’s ‘Tier 1 multi-vendor parts supplier’ list, reinforcing the superb quality of our systems and refurbishment process.

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