Over the years we have posted blogs to showcase the results of ICC’s excellent hardware refurbishment process and outstanding reliability rates.  Year by year these statistics have increased and improved with consistently high reliability rates.  The year 2017 has been no exception with our best ever rates to date!

3 Great Reasons to Buy Refurbished IT with ICC

Our infographic below showcases 3 great reasons to buy refurbished hardware with The ICC Group, these are outstanding reliability, massive cost savings and a 12 month guarantee for each refurbished product.  Have a look at our most popular refurbished PowerEdge Dell servers or refurbished ProLiant HP servers that we have available now for configuration and installation.

1. Reliability

In 2017 our refurbished IT shipments achieved a near unbeatable 99.58% reliability score (we shipped 22,906 refurbished items of which only 97 items were returned as faulty).   We have been very proud of our results over the past few years and whilst our shipped items continue to increase we still manage to maintain an outstanding reliability rate – the best yet in 2017!

Here are the statistics:

YearItems ShippedItems Returned FaultyReliability Score

2. Cost Savings

We offer an incredible discount of up to 80% off the brand new price of technology hardware for the refurbished equivalent.   This will allow you to stretch your IT budget even further – buying refurbished hardware is an increasingly popular choice which is guaranteed to save you money.

3. 12 Month Warranty

To give you peace of mind we offer a 12 month guarantee on any of our refurbished hardware.  All items are fully tested and refurbished in our purpose built workshop facility before going on sale.  This ensures that we only supply the highest quality of refurbished hardware – we are so confident in our excellent refurbish process that we offer a full 12 month ‘return-to-base’ guarantee.

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With our super low pricing and low return rates, combined with our spectacular reliability and 12 month warranty on all refurbished IT hardware, we believe that purchasing your hardware from ICC is an extremely attractive option, we think you’ll agree!  We have plenty of stock, over 350,000 parts and we can provide configured to order products such as servers, storage and networking solutions.

Call now on 0330 220 0143 to find out how we can help you save money without sacrificing reliability in 2018!

Further Resources

Take a look at our capabilities matrix which shows all the IT hardware that we can supply, support, install, repair and upgrade.  There isn’t a lot that we can’t help you with!  Let us know what your IT requirements are and we can give you a no obligation quote for everything you need!